We aim to empower all willing to take the entrepreneurial journey with the processes, practices, information, and experience. The journey of an entrepreneur is often lonesome and confusing. Information is abundant but the direction is unclear. We aim to help them in moving in the right direction, and pivot when necessary.

How it started?

COVID-19 lockdown gave everyone a chance to connect more with their friends. Over one of those video conferencing sessions, we started talking about the cultural differences between startups and corporations. One thing led to another and we delved deep into the differences in startups between India and the USA. It’s here we realized that while the barebones structure of the Startup Ecosystem was still the same, fault tolerance was extremely high in Silicon Valley than other places. The fear of failure prevents a lot of entrepreneurs from joining the brigade causing a lot of opportunities going down the drain.

We decided that we would share our collective knowledge and experience to the budding entrepreneurs and help them cross any hurdle that they may encounter – professionally or psychologically.

While we will try to cater to most ideas that could be used professionally, we would be happy to help any team with their issues as well.

Feel free to reach us at contact@booleanidea.com.


I am passionate about innovative and novel technologies. In my professional life, I have seen both sides of the spectrum – working with Fortune 100 companies to greenfield startups. This variety has helped me to start a few ventures of my own – a couple successful and one not so much. When not thinking about technology, I prefer to bask in nature’s glory. I am an avid traveler to places where nature’s beauty has not been overwhelmed by consumerism.

NIT Durgapur, INDIA



Father. Son. Husband. Brother. Friend. Trustworthy. Technocrat. Technology Enthusiast. Value-driven. The people around me describe me by a lot of similar words. I am still a learner and spend time regularly learning about innovations, inventions, and discoveries. I feel blessed when I can help others with the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

NIT Durgapur, INDIA
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


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